The Team / L’équipe

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Owner / Proprietaire

Prog Core Live & Relive the Classics. Prog Café


Owner / Proprietaire

Prog Core Live & Relive the Classics - Revivez les Classiques

Netherlands / Pays Bas

Reviewer / Critique
Dutch Progressive Rock Page

Future Feature

Britain / Angleterre

Music Radio Producer & Presenter

Brit Rock/Rock Talk/Timesweep
USA / États Unis

IMP Operations Manager & Radio Host

IMP Indie Mania, Indie Country -
DJ Suzy
Montréal / Canada

Photographe,Guitariste, Métalleux, Animateur Radio. / Photographer, Guitarist, Metal Lover, Radio Host.

Founder / Fondateur (Québec Metal) - Planet Métal

New York / Usa

Radio Personality/Freelance VO Talent/Audiobook Narrator & Producer/Supporter & Advocate of Autism Awareness.

Country Roads Diner
Lavaltrie / Québec,Canada

Horticulteur & Mélomane - Horticulturist & Music Lover
Q's Music
(Prog & Rock)


Bassist / Bassiste - Mystery

Franky Goes on the Air
Montreal / Canada

Blogger & Flute Player - Bloggueur & Joueur de Flute

This Strange Show

Animateur / Radio Host

Solide comme du Rock

Netherlands / Pays-Bas

Radio Host / Animateur de Radio
A Unique Mixture of (Sympho)
Prog & Folk music in one show.
Folky Wave & Afwisseling

Folky Wave

Conception Graphique / Graphic Design

Netherlands / Pays Bas

Pastor,Teacher & Radio Host.
Pasteur,Enseignant & Animateur Radio.

Rough Velvet

Music Lover & Radio Host
Animateur Radio/Mélomane

Epics For All Time
Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Guitarist & Composer for Broken Parachute
Compositeur et Guitariste pour Broken Parachute
The World Progressive Show


Mélomane / Photographe / Graphiste
Music Lover / Photographer / Graphic Artist


Netherlands / Pays Bas

Music Journalist / Promotion Manager / Novelist / Radio Host.

Folking Around & A Pinch of Prog
Scotland (UK)

Music Lover

Kiss That Prog

Netherlands / Hollande

Blues Collector & Radio Host / Collectioneur de Blues & Animateur de Radio

Another Blues is Knocking

Nice / France

Animateur Radio / Radio Host

Prog 50