Gerhard Klaasen


Gerhard was born in Groningen, in the Northern part of the Netherlands, many years ago. Being a real Groninger (very pirate-minded) he took part in producing and presenting on many land-based pirate stations. He really loved those years and of course listened to the offshore stations. He claims that all of a sudden, out of the blue, he had an encounter with Jesus Christ. He took the consequences of this encounter. Presenting on pirate-radio was no longer an option. At age 33 Gerhard re-adjusted his life, went to college again and became a teacher of religion at High School and a pastor with the Dutch Assemblies of God. From 1990 on he was envolved in religious programmes on various Dutch legal radiostations. Gerhard was asked in 2006 to be the host of a radioshow with his spectacular taste for good music, both religious and secular. Now you can hear him on several radiostations with his Rough Velvet en the religious Happ Hour.