Merci à Pierre Lemoyne et Denis Champagne pour leur passion à promouvoir la musique de l’époque du rock progressif francophone. Vous m’avez fait revivre de bons souvenirs!

Michel Lalonde Fondateur, guitariste et chanteur du groupe Garolou

Merci énormément à vous deux (Denis Champagne et Pierre Lemoyne) pour cette entrevue qui je dois l’avoué m’a tout à la fois instruit mais combien ému par moment puisque j’y vois à travers le groupe et l’album éponyme mon adolescence… qui se poursuit encore après 40 ans. Merci Michel et ta gang de les loups-garous.

Yves Charette


Dmitry Ermakov of Metaquorum had this to say !

29 août, à 15 h 25 · Thanks to Denis Champagne and Pierre Lemoyne for launching our second album on air! The ripples are going wider and wider… Look what just popped through the letterbox! Latest edition of Progression Magazine, with Ross Boissoneau’s great review of our album Witchcraft Jazz: “Witchcraft Jazz is an appropriate title for this delightfully unpredictable, multi-textured mélange of jazz-fusion motifs and electronic hijinks that holds together remarkably well in terms of melodic arrangement. Funky rhythmic foundations, cryptic spoken-word bits, synthesized warblings – this disc (almost) has it all… MetaQuorum’s disarming resistance to being defined at all.” (Read more in the Progression #74, pp.93-94 😉


Prog Core Live Interview with Dave Kerzner about his new release (Static) & many other subjects.


atlas voltThanks ProgCoreLive! Really enjoyed this interview. Most interviews I did prior to recent events don’t factor in Simon and Kelly leaving SOC so whatever I say about the next SOC album is at the very least going to be s bit different. The music itself will still be released in one form or another. Still working that out. But the rest, especially talk about my albums New World and Static, remains the same.

Dave Kerzner

About the Prog Core Live Interview with Dave Kerzner

I’ve listened to all this conversation on Prog Core Radio with Dave , and it was very interesting , I learned about your way of composition,his music, the way he met Simon Collins, his work with Sonic Reality, the meaning of your 2 CD new world and static , I was quite aware of the meaning of these two albums , by listening to the lyrics (brillant!) , it’s fun to learn that you like SCIFI (Dune inspired you for « NEW WORLD, a deserted land full of sand) . STATIC is different , and speak about alienation of people living in this strange world of computers , Tv, and Cells. I learn that Your first synthesizer was a MOOG !!! you’re a great fan of TONY BANKS , I knew that. It was just Fun to hear from you. Yes your Interview was well done,Interesting questions,I learned from Dave Kerzner and also realized that he had begun music at a very young age !!!
Thank Denis,Pierre and Dave !

Michel Gusse (France).

atlas voltWe discovered Prog Core Radio a few years ago and it has become a major source of discovery and inspiration for our own indie prog music project Atlas Volt. According to us, Dennis Champagne and Pierre Lemoyne are literally two of the most knowledgeable and respected progressive rock music experts on the web nowadays. They love to share their most interesting musical discoveries from a variety of prog subgenres and periods with their listeners, and we are very pleased to be among the bands they promote on their amazing show Prog Core Live.

Regardless if you are a neophyte, or a top-tier connoisseur of prog music, you will expand your musical horizons listening to Dennis and Pierre’s show.

Prog on!

Philippe Longchamps from Atlas Volt (Sweden)


J’ai souvent entendu parler de Prog Core Radio…Je m’initie présentement! Et la musique est vraiment intéressante ! Tout plein de découvertes…
(Jacques Dulac)  co-animateur de l’émission :
(Illusions Auditives) sur les ondes de (CKRL 89.1) a 


Hello There ! I’m listening to Prog Core Radio, and the music is amazing,orinica  really the kind of music i would listen to all day long!
Keep up the great work !
We are followers of the station now !
Massimo Santi (Orinica).


touchBravo les mecs! Je découvre un autre monde. Dès que je rentre dans ma garconniere, je lance Prog Core Radio! Bande de Dealers! Oui,je met en route tout de suite quand j’allume le PC! La chaine Hi-Fi à fond! Vous avez du goût! Roohh! C’est Dur! J’aime trop savoir ce que je découvre ! Apres je m’empresse de l’acheter! Ca change de ce qu’on nous sert sur la radio conventionnelle !
Cool, Denis et Pierre,oui vous avez la primeur D’Alkemia. Vous avez été les tout premier à vous être intéressé à nous, donc c’est mérité.
En plus,votre radio est super. J’écoute souvent!
Long life Prog Rock & Prog Core Radio ! La radio qui déchire !
Raphael Bernard (Touch).



unnamed« Special thanks to Denis Champagne and Pierre Lemoyne for making my Canadian debut of my track « Inside Out » so special in both official languages. Love talking in the chat room. Thanks Ralph Mueller for exposing me to such a great prog rock station and good guys! »

 « Great show Denis Champagne and Pierre Lemoyne. Nice talking to you both. You have me hooked. Going back to my younger days of writing prog rock. May take awhile to get my feet wet again to compose, but your show inspired me. I will be tuning in often! »


Gloria Gardner
Singer Songwriter / Pop / Rock Halifax, NS, CA



« Je vous invite à une belle découverte. Une radio web Prog, Rock et Indie. Musique variée absolument excellente. No country, no rap, no scrap. J’ai écouté ça toute la journée au bureau aujourd’hui et je peux dire une chose… j’adore! »

 « Merci Denis Champagne et Pierre Lemoyne pour la belle découverte et continuez votre excellent travail! P.S. On peut les suivre sur FB aussi. »


Virginie Lavigne
Auditrice/ St-Hubert,Québec,Canada, CA



Foolsbane« Check out our amazing friends Denis & Pierre at ProgCore Radio! Hear some amazing music and learn a thing or two! »

 « Prog Core Radio are amazing friends and allies for prog rock/metal bands all over the world and we are absolutely honored to be featured. Also, in talks with Denis & Pierre to debut the album on Prog Core Radio once it’s completed. Check these amazing guys out and give them a like and a listen. Spread the word! »


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« Last night – and today – have been tough from a business point of view in a « why-do-we-bother? » sense. Then Prog Core Live (Pierre Lemoyne & Denis Champagne) of PROG CORE RADIO Montreal send an email that reminds us just why we do it. This Friday the guys will feature songs from the Over & Out album by IT plus the entire We Share The Same Moonlight album by Will Geraldo.

Just one example of the love and support there is among the Prog Rock community for each other. The show starts midnight UK time until 02:30. Great music and we get to practice our schoolboy French within a chatroom!
Join them and us for a progressive experience »

Eugene Rogers
(Progressive Gears) CEO